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Reviews and Compilations

Private companies managing their own finances often turn to Weinberg & Co. WPB, LLC for assistance. We offer a number of review, audit and compilation services to our valued clients, all conducted by skilled and certified accountants. Our goal is to help our clients operate as efficiently and effectively as possible through careful review of their finances. Business owners who don’t have the time or skill to properly prepare important financial documents benefit greatly from our review and compilation services. Our personal approach to client services means we establish trust through open communication and a commitment to our client’s best interests.

Through careful review, meticulous organization and outstanding communication, Weinberg & Co. WPB, LLC can help any business ensure that their finances and tax documents are accurate and up to date. Our more than two decades in business is what has many companies in West Palm Beach turning to our CPAs for assistance. At Weinberg & Co. WPB, LLC, we have the knowledge you need and the experience you can trust.


We approach every review process with due diligence and a keen eye for error. We analyze all aspects of your finances to ensure fiscal accuracy and compliance within the law. We offer assurance that your statements are compliant and accurate so busy business owners can get back to what's important. Reviews are generally less exhaustive than an audit but are still very valuable in order to catch inconsistencies and other mistakes made by the company bookkeeper. We request pertinent information from our client's management in order to fully complete our review. Our team at Weinberg & Co. WPB, LLC has the experience you can rely on when it comes to your company's financials.


Unlike a review or an audit, compilations require very little investigation or inquiry. They are a general preparation of financial statements using industry-accepted accounting standards. Our skilled CPAs at Weinberg & Co. WPB, LLC have the knowledge and expertise you can rely on for accurate and timely financial statement compilations in West Palm Beach.

Hiring CPAs and tax professionals at Weinberg & Co. WPB, LLC is a smart idea for any business looking to improve their financial accuracy and reporting. Our commitment to exceptional client service and support is what sets Weinberg & Co. WPB, LLC apart from other review and compilation providers in West Palm Beach.

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We Try and Keep Your Accounting Needs Not So Taxing

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