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As it nears the end of the year, it’s only normal that you start thinking about your taxes, accounting, and how to best get them in order. However, for most people, it’s often easier said than done. Accounting isn’t everyone’s strong suit, nor is it something people like to spend a lot of time on. At Weinberg & Co., that’s why we’re to help. You can face tax season confidently with our top-notch accounting services. We’ll even help you find financial comfort in other areas of your life. We specialize in:  

  • Reviews & Compilations  
  • Privately Held Companies  
  • Private Client Services  
  • Business Management  
  • Consulting  
  • Budgeting  
  • Tax Planning  
  • Bookkeeping & Financial Records 
  • Trust & Estate Planning  
  • Retirement Planning  
  • Investment Guidance  
  • & So Much More 

Get More from Your Finances in Delray Beach, Florida!  

At Weinberg & Co. in Delray Beach, Florida, we’re more than just your average accounting firm. We bring services that transcend your business. As numbers people, we can see the potential of a company instantly. We’ll talk with you about your finances, and how to best keep them growing. Then, we can target your personal life, whether that’s personal investment portfolios, asset acquisitions, bill payments, life insurance, or charitable contributions.  

If your accounting needs are growing too much, then you’re in need of an outstanding, full-service accountant in Delray Beach, Florida. With over two decades in business, we have the knowledge, professionalism, and commitment to help you secure your fortune while making smart decisions. Accounting in business isn’t something to mess around with. Don’t hire an amateur to do your personal taxes or your company’s taxes if there’s a chance they’ll miss something important. Instead, rest assured that your taxes, personal finances, and trusts are in good hands by calling Weinberg & Co. today! 

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