In an effort to save a little cash, many people attempt to take on their financial planning and management completely on their own. However, many people do not realize how complex managing finances can be, and often neglect aspects they cannot understand. You wouldn’t try to fix an engine block if you were not a mechanic or administer stitches if you were not a doctor. At Weinberg and Co. of West Palm Beach, we believe the same mindset should be applied to your accounting needs. A partnership with a local South Florida CPA can greatly benefit both your personal and business endeavors. Keep reading to learn more about the Weinberg and Co. philosophy and how we can help you achieve your ultimate goals. 


Why Do We Call It A Partnership?

You may have noticed above that we used the word “partnership”. Why is this? At Weinberg and Co. we know that great bookkeeping can be the difference between a lucrative, successful year and a stressful one. We take the time to fully invest in each of our customer’s needs and know just how important our services can be. That is why we see each of our dealings as a partnership. When you are working with a Weinberg CPA, you can rest assured that you have someone with ample knowledge and your best interest in your corner. 


Private Finances

Many people do not see their private finances as worth managing. Most will have a rough budget but won’t really think seriously about their accounts until tax time. However, this kind of short-sighted mindset can spell trouble down the road. In order to make long term financial plans for the future, it is important to be diligent about monitoring and documenting your finances in the present. Private Client services that we offer include:

  • Income Tax Planning and Preparation 
  • Trusts and Estate Planning 
  • Asset Acquisition 
  • Bill Payments 
  • Charitable Contribution Management
  • Life Insurance and Future Planning

Your Weinberg CPA will be there day-to-day to help you pay your bills and stay on track. We make tax season easy by keeping your information complied throughout the year and easy filling. And when the time comes for a big investment, we will be on hand to make sure you are fully prepared with any documents needed to secure a loan or financing plan. Do not think that you have to tackle your finances alone when there are knowledgeable professionals standing by.


Business Management 

Bookkeeping is a fulltime job. Specifically, it is the fulltime job of a CPA. One of the biggest mistakes we see small business owners make is putting too much on their plate. The financial obligations of starting and running a business are numerous. If you try to take on all of these accounting needs on yourself, you will surely be left with little time to actually devote to growing your business.

A local South Florida CPA for your small business provides you with the time needed to fully concentrate on your goods, services, and customers. We can help with business taxes, which are often far more complex than personal taxes. You will also find that our reviews and compilations service can be pivotal when trying to invest in a new property or be granted a loan. Weinberg CPAs can also assist in succession planning and retirement planning, so you can ensure the viability of your business’ future. 


Contact Weinberg and Co. WPB today to speak with one of our licensed tax and finance professionals. See the difference that watertight accounting and financial planning can make in your personal and professional life. 

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